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YA fantasy and SF

...for adult readers!

Young Adult sf/f... for grownups
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From the intro post:

So, you find yourself diving into YA books a lot, eh? And you get... The Look. You know The Look, right? "Excuse me, but aren't those for children?"


The Look is not permitted in this Community.

This is a community for discussion of science fiction and fantasy books commonly labeled as YA, but which we, as adults, enjoy reading. It's to discuss the possible implications of Firestar's observation that the four clans of forest cats must exist, and that the lines that divide them are also the lines that join them. It's to speculate about Tamora Pierce's craft magic and how it works, and to spin theories about what other mysterious books might come from the same publisher as So You Want to Be a Wizard... (the book referred to by the title of the book about it). And it's for reccing. Let's stick to the good stuff, shall we?

We'll also talk about adult books that are popular with young adults, like Ender's Game or the Dark Tower books, and the ever-present media tie-ins.

People who aren't "of a certain age"--in other words, actual YAs--are welcome to join the conversations, as long as the basic tone is kept up.

And, as much as I adore Mr. Potter, I do believe Harry has enough communities of his own, and he should probably stay in them.